AG Power Systems INC.

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AG Power Systems INC.

Seeking Excellence in Finding Solutions

We contribute to the development of the

sector and the perfection of quality in our country with innovative scientific practices by adhering to our

values. We seek excellence in the solutions and offer to our customers needs and expectations.

Our Organization

AG Power Systems Inc (AGPS) was formed in June 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of a company Called ELTAS Transformers, headquartered in Izmir, Turkey. AGPS is a sole distributor and service provider of ELTAS Transformers in the US. We as AG Power Systems are working from our Houston, Texas office and planning to grow in the US market in 2022 and structure ourselves to provide sustainable and extremely satisfactory services to our clients.

Our major markets are Solar and Wind farms, battery charging applications, bitcoin mining, data centers, Transmission and Distribution Utilities, Oil and Gas Market and all other industries where energy consumption and distribution is a major part of their systems.

Electricity and Energy is a major part of our daily life and transformers are the most critical part of this chain. We want to be a transformer supplier that admired for its quality and performance in the relevant sector all over the world, respects the values of the environment and life.